Lawson Workshop

 Team    |      2018.02.12    |      Lawson Workshop

        NINGBO LAWSON SMARTTECH CO.,LTD (LAWSON Luoshang) is a company dedicated to R&D, production and sales of laboratory instruments. Located in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China, the company is an independent, dynamic and vibrant enterprise. LAWSON Luoshang focuses on product quality, pays attention to product details, adhering to the purpose of “make your experiment easier and make your laboratory more exquisite”. Every detail in product design and production starts from the needs of users and creates more. Effortless, simpler, more stable, more efficient, and more comfortable laboratory hardware environment is actively working. The company adheres to the concept of creating value for customers. Since its establishment, LAWSON has always pursued the principle of good faith management and has been conscientious and never give up. With excellent product quality, considerate service quality, and high product price/performance ratio, LAWSON Luoshang adheres to the goal of win-win with its customers and persists in the common road. Our products include: ultrasonic crusher, dry thermostat (constant temperature metal bath), thermomixer, centrifuge, nitrogen blower, aseptic homogenizer, autoclave, viscometer, high and low temperature thermostat series Wait. Applications include: food safety, medical analysis, environmental monitoring, clinical testing, judicial identification, electronics, textiles, petrochemicals and many other industries. Can provide users with sample preparation - purification - analysis of related equipment supplies products, but also according to user needs customized development of separation materials and pretreatment equipment.

        Most of our customers are working at the forefront of new technology research, developing new products, researching higher education, improving new production technologies, and performing high-precision inspections. Our company's products are widely used in petrochemical, metallurgical processing, biotechnology, agricultural chemistry, pharmaceuticals, food and laboratory technology.

       The company provides users with equipment installation, commissioning and maintenance, and also provides users with technology exchange platform, technical program consulting, application equipment selection and non-standard equipment design and manufacturing. The company has set up offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Wuhan and many other cities. The company holds the principle of "quality and innovation." We are determined to provide our customers with better products and services through the joint efforts of our employees.