Description of the advantages of high-throughput tissue grinders

 Industry news    |      2018.03.17    |      Description of the advantages of high-throughput tissue grinders

Features of the high-throughput tissue grinder:

1. The instrument can grind quickly and quickly and effectively grind 24, 56 or 192 samples in 2-4 minutes.

2. Crushing principle: impact force, friction

3. Wide applicability, can grind samples of various properties such as hard, neutral, soft, brittle, elastic, and fiber-containing.

4. The instrument can be dry, wet and cryogenic.

5. Closed sample tube to avoid cross-contamination of the sample.

6. The oscillating speed is adjustable, and the number of grinding times, grinding time and pause time can be programmed.

7. Fastening device with automatic centering.

8. The grinding and fastening of the grinding tank is simple and safe.

9. The protective cover has a transparent observation window, and the cover is stopped and safely protected.

10. Dedicated freezing operation handle to facilitate liquid nitrogen freezing operation to avoid injury.

11. A variety of grinding jars and fixtures are available to suit different applications.